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Pest Control Company in Málaga

Milplagas was born with a commitment to incorporate the safest techniques for humanity and the environment. Applying all the techniques available in Málaga for the pest control sector, together with our huge experience, we provide our customers with a more personal, professional, and respectful execution.

We are the true pest control experts in Málaga. We strive to keep our ethic above all, with our employees and our customers. We are committed to quality, reasonable prices, constant training, innovation and enthusiasm for our job, that is recharged every day by watching so many satisfied customers and so many problems solved.

Every treatment requires the use of highly qualified equipment and materials, and compliance with security measures both by our company, which provides the service, and by our customers. We provide legionella control, food safety, phytosanitary, deratization, disinsectation and disinfection services in Málaga and rest of the province.

We provide pest control services in Málaga to eliminate cockroaches, woodworm, termites, ants, weevils, fleas, wasps, flies, mosquitoes, rats, bedbugs, ticks, pine processionary or caterpillars, and other

Pest control services in Málaga

The importance of pest control In Málaga, to eliminate pests once for all with truly professional results. Although there are many options in the market to disinfest, before hiring the service, you must consider that whoever treat it, does it effectively and always with respect to the environment, since there are products that don’t do it, and end up creating more harm than benefit.

Eradicate rodents with the most effective way. No one is exempt from suffering from rodent infestations, especially in the city, since rats and mice live in the sewer and under our floors. As always, the best way to fight against them is prevention, that will avoid subsequent problems derived from them getting into our homes and buildings, where actually they are not welcome.

Disinfection is defined as the eradication of living organisms, also called pathogenic agents, which cause disease and infection. To fight against these harmful elements, we use disinfectants, that can be used in water, food, drink and almost any material.

Experts in wood treatments against termites and woodworm.

It is essential to quickly detect the presence of termites, so that they don’t cause too much damage to your home or business. In our company, we carry out various treatments to eliminate termites and woodworm in Málaga with high

The procedure we carry out will depend on the type of construction, location, environment and materials. By taking all these aspects into account before acting, the
result is extremely effective.

In this sense, the treatments that we carry out in our company can be:

• With diffuser injectors
• Pressure wood spraying
• Brooching using gels
• Perimeter barrier by injection or with baits

In the end, to contact us or ask any questions about our procedures, you can do it through this website.

Request an inspection and we will arrive at your home or business, so you won’t have any more termite problems in Málaga.
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We have more than 25 years of experience in the pest control, rodent control, insect control and disinfection sector and we want to continue demonstrating our capacity and effectiveness to our customers in Málaga..
We give a written and certified guarantee to our customers of all pest control, fumigation, deratization, disinsectation and disinfection services that we offer in Málaga.
Authorized by the Junta de Andalucía in the Official register of Biocidal Establishments and Services (ROESBA) with number 0862- AND-750 and in the Official Register of Producers and Operators of Phytosanitary Defense Means (ROPO) with number 29/772/00.

Are you looking for a professional pest control company?

Our company was born with the desire to make things easier for people, especially those who suffer from pests of all kinds, whether in their homes or businesses in Málaga. We stand out for using innovative methods, but we don’t forget the traditional ones either. Our team is composed of highly trained workers to carry out these procedures with solvency and effectiveness.

In accordance with what’s happening around the world, we believe that it’s very important to respect and take care of the environment, that’s why one of the highest objectives we have is the commitment to the environment in each of our actions. We know week that each of the treatments requires the use of high-quality equipment and materials. In addition, it is necessary that they comply with the security measures required by each of the Spanish communities.

In this company, we carry out our procedures anywhere in Málaga, form private homes, to schools, hospitals, small businesses, restaurants and Town Halls, among others.

To conclude, we work with professionalism and respect, both for our clients and the environment. The end result is an excellent pest control in Málaga, with rapid
elimination of all types of insect and rodent invasions.

Our services:

There’s no doubt that when we talk about pests, the one that causes us the biggest fear is the appearance of rodents. To eliminate rats and mice, we have various high-quality procedures to keep them away from your home or business. In cases that rats have already managed to settle and reproduce, the end result is a huge infestation.
Therefore, it’s necessary to use more powerful treatments. These procedures involve the application of physical, chemical and biological techniques to definitively end the proliferation of rats and mice.

The appearance of insects is typical and can also give us more than one headache. We are talking about cockroaches, moths, woodworms, flies, wasps, mosquitoes, bedbugs, ticks… To eliminate them, we offer highly effective disinfestation procedures to eliminate any insect. The first thing our professionals do is going to the place and studying the area in depth, in order to know precisely what the pest is about and where the problem is. The fight against the invasion can consist on up to three actions, depending of its level. We apply physical, biological and, if the situation requires it, chemical procedures.

We also provide disinfection services in Málaga, so that your home or business is 100% clean, preventing the proliferation of viruses and bacteria from affecting your and
other people’s health.

There are many ways to attack these problems and we have the best methods so that the process is effective. At the same time, we work on prevention, so that you don’t have problems again.

Besides, we help people who are owners of bars and restaurants to prepare the essential Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points.

At the end, there are really many pest control services in Málaga that we offer. If you need more details, you can check this website and learn about each of our methods.
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